The Lincoln Financial Pavilion at Headwaters Park

In the spring of 2005, financing was in place to begin construction of a 115’ clear span structure to cover the East Festival Plaza at Headwaters Park in downtown Fort Wayne, IN.  There were a number of challenges to be considered with this project.  First, the existing festival center greatly affected access to the construction site. Given the soil conditions and load requirements, substantial caissons were required to carry the vertical load.

The construction timeframe was another major obstacle. The space frame provider stated a minimum of 4 weeks to erect the frame and membrane structure. Between the shutdown of the ice rink in March and the first event to be held at Headwaters at the beginning of June, there were approximately 90 days for substantial completion.


  • 115’ clear span structure
  • Only permanent frame supported tensile structure in Fort Wayne
  • Aluminum ball and tube connected space frame construction
  • Drilled caisson foundation system 30’ +/- deep
  • PVC/Tedlar coated woven polyester fabric roof membrane
  • 26,260 sq. ft. substantially complete within 90 days

Awards & Mentions

  • Promolicious
  • Site of the day

The Results

“By far the best team I’ve ever worked with. They truly understood the look I was going for and completely nailed it!”

Creating a well-loved community gathering space for Fort Wayne.

Keeping with the integrity and original design of Headwaters Park, the geodesic dome principal was continued throughout the creation of the new Lincoln Financial Pavilion.  All columns supporting the space frame match the existing triangular columns throughout the park.  And although much larger, the new Lincoln Financial Pavilion complements the domed pavilion structure standing at the Headwaters Park West across the street.

The clean look of the aluminum and fabric membrane provides protection from the elements, air circulation and low maintenance while adding a one-of-a-kind element to the Fort Wayne skyline.


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